Marinet vs Competitor Demo

 Product Demo:

In a simple layman test to prove superior luminescence, we used a normal digital camera to take a short video clip comparing our product with a competitor's product. First we expose both our product and competitor's product to 15 minutes of direct light. We begin filming while both products are still exposed to light. Next we switched off all lights to create a dark room effect. Immediately you will realize that the competitor product's illumination diminishes very quickly while Marinet's product is able to sustain the same level of illumination. The competitor's product almost totally loses its glow in just a few seconds. This simple test can be done anywhere. If you are currently not using Marinet's photo-luminescent signs, we welcome you to bring us your product and make a comparison with our products. We are confident you will be impressed with the quality of our products.

During times of emergency, the competitor's product will fail to serve its purpose of guiding people to safety or assisting rescue personnel such as fire fighters to locate necessary equipment. Photo-luminescent products are not expensive. There is no reason to buy inferior products for marginal discounts. From the clip you can see that Marinet's product is of much better quality. When buying IMO stickers/photo-luminescent signs, insist on Marinet's products! Don't put lives at risk.