1) How do I install self-adhesive products?

Products that require self-installation include self-adhesive signs, tapes and non-adhesive laminated posters.
Before installing, please ensure that the surface/area that you are going to install the product has a smooth and clean surface. We recommend wiping the area thoroughly with a dry cloth. Please also note that dust and grease will affect the adhesiveness of the product.

Self-adhesive sign:
Once the surface is clean, peel of the backing from the sign and align/straighten the sign. Start by sticking one corner of the sticker to the surface. Next proceed to smooth the entire sticker onto the surface by firmly pressing on the initial corner and working towards the other corner, then upwards till the entire sticker is flat to the surface. Be sure to avoid trapping air bubbles in the sticker.

Self-adhesive tapes:
The area that the self-adhesive tape has to be applied is big, therefore, in order to align the tape, it is important to make markings and align the tape to the markings. Peel off the backing from the tape. Align on end of the tape from the first marking to the second marking. Press firmly on the edge and work your way towards the other marking. Repeat the steps for each set of markings. Ensure that the tape aligns to each marking and that no air bubbles are trapped in the tape during the installation process for a beautiful result.

Non-adhesive posters:
Marinet’s posters are laminated to enhance the durability of the posters and to prevent water/rain from damaging the posters. Installation of our non-adhesive posters is easy. Attach heavy duty double-sided tape to the back of the poster. Peel of the protective backing from the tape. Align the poster to the surface and press firmly to install the poster from one edge to the other.

2) How long does it take for goods to be delivered after I confirmed the order?

Having many years of experience in the marine line, we are aware of the importance of prompt delivery. For delivery within Singapore, we would be able to deliver your goods the next working day. We will inform you during quotation if the goods are not in stock. For custom made items, delivery may take up to 2 weeks from date of acceptance of artwork depending on complexity and quantity. From past experience, we are able to deliver approximately 80% our custom made items within 1 week from acceptance of artwork. For more details, please contact us for clarifications.

3) How are the items packaged?

Our products are sealed in clear plastic bags to prevent dirt and moisture from getting in contact with the product before it reaches the buyer’s hands. Some of the products may be dusted with talcum powder after printing to protect the print. Our products are packaged according to your serial numbers (if given) in the required quantity. To save the environment and to reduce wastage, we do not pack each individual sticker into individual bags but pack the desired quantity of each required stickers into 1 bag. Should you wish to use your company’s package materials, kindly inform us and we shall make the necessary arrangements to suit your needs.

4) I need some custom made items urgently. Would you be able to rush it for me?

At Marinet Services, we fully understand your sense of urgency to get your goods in time, especially when supplying to ships and vessels that only stop at our ports for limited time. To cater to this, we are able to make provisions to meet your delivery dateline, even for custom made products. Our ability to produce your goods in the shortest notice, without compromising on quality, is our unique advantage which helps us stand out from competitors.

5) Can your products match exactly to our company’s corporate colors?

Usually corporate colors are defined by a pantone code for universal reference. However, it is important to realize that the pantone color chart is just a guideline and even for different copies pantone color charts, the same color code may appear differently. This is the same for printing. Printing the same color from different printers and on different materials (fabrics, paper, and stickers) will give you different results. That is why printers will only guarantee up to 90-95% closeness to the original color. To set your minds at ease, we always prepare a sample of the colors for our customer’s to approve before we start production. This will minimize any disputes that may arise regarding the color upon delivery.